Welcome to Bogan Electronics!

We’ve JUST started, so please bear with us.  We’ve focused more on creating our first product than a cool website.

Here’s the story.  We noticed the PNA 4602, the sensor we all know and love, is no longer being manufactured by Panasonic.  Although there are replacements available, none work quite as well as the PNA 4602.  Seeing that a better solution needed to be discovered, we went out looking, and couldn’t find any direct replacement part that worked as well or better than the PNA 4602.  It was at this time that we decided enough is enough, and a better solution had to be made.  So we created the Bogan Electronics individual sensor breakout board, designed to take a TSOP852 sensor and make it through-hole with the same pin-out as the PNA 4602.

To learn more, see our products page.